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Black Crowes Tabs

Welcome to the Black Crowes Tab Archive.  This website features tablature to a number of Black Crowes songs, both released and unreleased.  Some of these transcriptions were pulled from other sources online, but whatever tabs I did not agree with or could not find were transcribed by myself.  The songs I personally transcribed mainly featured rhythm guitarist Rich Robinson's parts, and although I try my best to tab each song out in its entirety, some parts may not be 100% complete for two reasons: 1) I couldn't hear the part as it appeared on record or live and/or 2) Rich often makes little changes or improvisations to his parts when played live, so improvisation when playing these songs is strongly encouraged.

To get you started, here's a list of the tunings used by Rich on nearly every song in the Crowes' released song catalog: Tunings

2018-12-09 Update:

Since The Magpie Salute are now a thing and they are releasing new original music, I will be adding a page for them. But also, since this site builder only allows 10 pages in the free version, I have consolidated Rich, Marc, and Chris' solo pages, and Warpaint/BTF...UTF into one. Little did I know, that means 10 TOTAL pages added to the site, not just at one time, so consolidating actually hurt me in the long run. I'll most likely put TSHAMC/Amorica/Three Snakes into one page and BYS/Lions into another to free up a page.


The only Chris Robinson songs that I personally tabbed are the Wooden Family and Brotherhood songs. The rest were tabbed by MorningSong13 on the Amorica2 messageboards, and the original website can be found here.  I linked those tabs to this site to keep everything in one place.

All of the Rich Robinson songs currently on this site were originally tabbed by Amorica2 user (and now a member of this site as well) Harry Joyce.  I made very minor changes where I saw fit, but the majority of all of those tabs are his work.  His original site can be found here.

In addition to MorningSong13 and Harry Joyce, I'd like to thank the Amorica2 and crowesbase messageboard users who have helped me with these tabs along the way, especially cosmos and CitizenDick.